Have you ever considered doggy day care


Dogs are active and social animals—they need to run and romp regularly. For most dogs, the chance to play with other dogs is a joy like no other. A neutral territory like daycare provides an ideal setting for this.

Left at home for extended periods of time, dogs often don’t get the physical exercise or mental activity they need on a daily basis. Busy owners can be just too dog-tired to give their dog enough exercise and play regularly. After a day at daycare, expect your pooch to be the one who’s more dog-tired than you.
Destructive behaviour, incessant barking, regression in housebreaking—these can be indications of dog who is lonely or bored. A safe, educational, and fun daycare environment can address these and other concerns.

Animal experts agree that socialisation of dogs is a key to their well-being. Daycare is a great place for your dog to make new friends—of the canine and human persuasion!






Newcastle Pet Resort Doggie Day Care

NPR offers doggy day care with a pick up and delivery service and are also available to take your pooch to the vet for their yearly vaccinations.

Have your pooch entertained and exercised while you are at work

Many dogs love having a chance to socialise, from active players to wallflowers! While doggy daycare is not right for every dog, for many it is a welcome alternative to staying in the house, kennel, or yard all day!




Newcastle Pet Resort Adult Dog Training

Most people having issues with training their puppy or dog and just need a person to talk to. That’s where Newcastle Pet Resort can help. NPR focus on individual training programs.. They meet with clients to determine their training needs and establish personalised goals for obedience.

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